PMC is a forerunner in world-class adhesives, assembly, protection materials, UV equipment, fluid dispensing and filling solutions in India.

PMC is an authroized distributor of Dymax adhesives, equipments, assembly solutions, fluid dispensing system, Tridak filling equipment and Hitlock products in India and is one of the pioneers in the Indian subcontinent for advanced UV light-curable adhesives, UV equipment, coatings, oligomers, fluid dispense systems, fluid filling solutions, Cyanoacrylates, Anaerobics and technical consultancy.More>>

Dymax Adhesives, Equipments Hitlock Adhesives Tridak Filling Solutions

Dymax Red Fluorescing Adhesives
Built-in Cure Indicator and Red Fluorescence Result in Greater Efficiency and Less Scrap for Medical Device Manufacturers More >>

Dymax Adhesives and Equipments
New adhesive technologies are now available to enhance vision systems and quality control inspection, as well as eliminate the need for multiple manufacturing processes.. More >>