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Dymax Adhesives, Equipment and Assembly Solutions

PMC in India distributes Dymax Adhesives, Dymax Equipments, Dymax Glues, Dymax Fluid Dispensings Systems and Dymax Oligomers. Dymax is a leading manufacturer of advanced light-curable adhesives, coatings, oligomers, light-curing equipment, and fluid dispense systems that work together to optimize assembly processes. Dymax products provide design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and lower their costs. Dymax offers perfect combination of technology and expertise for a competitive advantage that customer can't get anywhere else. The company serves the needs of the medical, electronic, optical, aerospace, automotive, appliance, metal finishing, and alternative energy markets worldwide. PMC has partnered with DYMAX to bring to India its world class product line and is a distributor of Dymax's entire product range in India that includes Dymax adhesives, coatings, maskants, pottings, gaskets, UV equipment, fluid dispense systems, filling equipment, Dymax high-performance oligomer and coating solutions etc.

Dymax Adhesives - Plastic Bonding
Dymax 3013
Dymax 3025
Dymax 3069
Dymax 3083
Dymax 3086-T
Dymax 3094-Gel-F
Dymax 3099
Dymax 3113-UR
Dymax 3169-UR
Dymax 3220-SC-Series
Dymax 3221-SC
Dymax 3225-T-SC
Dymax 3401
Dymax 3-20796

Dymax Adhesives - Glass Bonding
Dymax 425
Dymax 429
Dymax 431
Dymax 4-20418
Dymax 6-621
Dymax 6-625-SV01-REV-A

Dymax SpeedMask Temporary UV/Visible Light-Curable Masking Resins
Dymax 706
Dymax 706-H
Dymax 729
Dymax 725
Dymax 726-SC
Dymax 728-G
Dymax 730-BT
Dymax 731
Dymax 733-G
Dymax 734-BT
Dymax 735
Dymax 718
Dymax 750
Dymax 750-SC
Dymax 708-SR
Dymax 724
Dymax 738

Dymax Conformal Coatings
Dymax 9481-E
Dymax 9482
Dymax 984-LVUF
Dymax 987
Dymax 9-20351-UR
Dymax 9-20557
Dymax 9-20557-LV

Dymax Encapsulants for Microelectronic Assembly and IC Protection
Dymax 9001-E-v3.1
Dymax 9008
Dymax 9101
Dymax 9102
Dymax 9103

Dymax Adhesives - Optical Display Bonding
Dymax 9701
Dymax 9702
Dymax 9703
Dymax 9641-LV
Dymax 9-20737

Dymax Keypad Coatings
Dymax 9663

Dymax Electronics Peelable Maskants
Dymax 9-318-F
Dymax 9-20479-B

Dymax Potting Compounds for Electronic & Industrial Applications
Dymax 921 Series
Dymax 9001-E-v3.1

Dymax Adhesives - Wire Tacking and Component Ruggedizing
Dymax 9309-SC
Dymax 9422-SC
Dymax 910
Dymax 9-911-REV-A

Dymax Led Protection - LED Encapsulants and LED Potting Materials
Dymax 9622

Dymax Thermal Interface Materials
Dymax 9-20801
Dymax 501-E

Dymax See-Cure Adhesives for Medical Device Assembly
Dymax 1201-M-SC
Dymax 1202-M-SC
Dymax 1204-M-SC

Dymax Catheter Bonding Medical Device Adhesives
Dymax 201-CTH
Dymax 201-CTH-T
Dymax 203-CTH-F-VLV
Dymax 203A-CTH
Dymax 203A-CTH-F
Dymax 203A-CTH-F-T
Dymax 203A-CTH-F-VT
Dymax 204-CTH
Dymax 204-CTH-F
Dymax 204-CTH-F-T
Dymax 204-CTH-F-VLV
Dymax 204-CTH-F-VT
Dymax 204-CTH-GEL-F
Dymax 204-CTH-T
Dymax 206-CTH
Dymax 206-CTH-T
Dymax 208-CTH-F
Dymax 209-CTH
Dymax 210-CTH
Dymax 211-CTH-SC
Dymax 212-CTH-UR-SC
Dymax 215-CTH-UR-SC

Dymax Multipurpose Medical Device Adhesives
Dymax 1072-M
Dymax 1201-M-SC
Dymax 1202-M-SC
Dymax 1204-M-SC
Dymax 1128A-M
Dymax 1161-M
Dymax 1162-M
Dymax 1165-M
Dymax 1180-M
Dymax 1180-M-UR
Dymax 1187-M

Dymax LED-Curable Medical Electronics Coatings
Dymax 1901-M

Dymax Needle/Syringe Bonding & Assembly Medical Adhesives
Dymax 1072-M
Dymax 1401-M-UR
Dymax 1402-M
Dymax 1403-M
Dymax 1404-M-UR
Dymax 1405-M-UR-SC
Dymax 1405M-T-UR-SC
Dymax 1128-M-VLV
Dymax 1128A-M
Dymax 1128A-M-T
Dymax 1160-M
Dymax 1161-M
Dymax 1180-M
Dymax 1180-M-SV04
Dymax 1180-M-SV05
Dymax 1180-M-UR
Dymax 1180-M-T-UR
Dymax 1190-M
Dymax 1193-M
Dymax 1193-M-SV04
Dymax 1193-M-SV05
Dymax 1193M-SV05-UR

Dymax Medical Device Reservoir and Housing Assembly Adhesives
Dymax 1072-M
Dymax 1120-M-UR
Dymax 1201-M-SC
Dymax 1202-M-SC
Dymax 1161-M
Dymax 1180-M
Dymax 1180-M-UR
Dymax 1187-M

Dymax Medical Respiratory Device Assembly Adhesives
Dymax 1204-M-SC
Dymax 109-MSK-UR
Dymax 110-MSK
Dymax 111-MSK

Dymax Tube Sets & Fittings Medical Device Adhesives
Dymax 1120-M-UR
Dymax 1201-M-SC
Dymax 1202-M-SC
Dymax 1204-M-SC
Dymax 1161-M
Dymax 1187-M
Dymax 1165-M
Dymax 1161-M

Dymax Adhesives - Optical Assembly
Dymax OP-4-20632
Dymax OP-4-20632-GEL
Dymax OP-24-REV-B
Dymax OP-29 Series
Dymax OP-67-LS

Dymax Structural Acrylic Adhesives and Epoxies (Metal Bonding, Magnet Bonding, and Motor Assembly)
Dymax 6-621
Dymax 6-625-SV01-REV-A
Dymax 846-GEL
Dymax 501-E Activator
Dymax 535-A Activator